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Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer | Cecilia Fagan Polidori Attorney At Law | Herkimer, NY | (315) 866-2855

When you need a divorce lawyer in Herkimer, NY, look no further than Cecilia Fagan Polidori Attorney At Law! I have helped clients across the state obtain divorce decrees that are fair and that align with New York law. If you have questions about your divorce, do not hesitate to call me today.

Many of my clients are primarily concerned about what the first steps they must take to begin the divorce process are. Unlike T.V. shows, getting a divorce is not always as simple as sneaking up on your unsuspecting spouse and handing them divorce papers. You must serve your husband or wife properly and in accordance with New York law.

As a divorce law attorney, I can help with the complications that arise with service of process issues before your true divorce proceedings can even begin. Whether your spouse is out of state or in another county, I can ensure he or she is properly served, so that you can begin the process.

Once we have begun your divorce, we must then determine what the issues in your divorce will be. Most married couples are concerned about how to divide their property. As both New York law and the desires of the parties involved determine this issue, an experienced marriage attorney can help sort these issues out through a series of negotiations. If necessary, I can represent you in court to argue why you are entitled to certain property under the law.

I also act as your personal representative in matters concerning alimony. Whether you are being sued for alimony or requesting it as a part of your divorce, you will need a reputable attorney on your side. These matters can quickly become tricky and may drag a divorce on for several months or years.

In addition to representing couples who have obtained legal marriage licenses, I also assist couples who need a civil union lawyer or are a part of a domestic partnership. These situations yield a variety of legal issues in a separation and only a reliable attorney can help you through it. Cecilia Fagan Polidori Attorney At Law is a professional law firm specializing in divorce. If you are ready to fight for what is owed to you, trust in me.

I will get you the results you want!

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